*MAKERS SOCIAL* Dorkbot Special! – Speakers confirmed

We’ve teamed up with  Dorkbot & At-Bristol Science Centre to put on a special event for the makers who are showing their projects and sharing their stories… And to tempt you all here the night before to start set-up we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you two great talks from John Higgs and Shardcore.

Dorkbot will be moved from its regular spot to At-Bristol on Friday 21st at 7.30pm (the night before the Maker Faire if anyone is travelling down).


The Talks


“Authors Vs Algorithms” – John Higgs

John will talk about Apophenia – the ability to find patterns and links – and why he believes that human and algorithmic pattern recognition is complimentary – and the value of using expanded datasets to create new stories with meaning.

“Adventures in algo-culture” – Shardcore

Shard will talk about his experiments making worrying and confusing bots that live on the internet and then watching people interact with them.

About The Speakers


John Higgs is an author, journalist and biographer of both The KLF – the Acid House pioneers who burned a million pounds – and Timothy Leary, the Harvard psychologist once dubbed “America’s most dangerous man” by Richard Nixon for his championing of the use of psychedelic drugs.

John’s work explores the more obscure corners of cultural history, like magic, ‘ideaspace’ and rave culture, to construct new narratives around the innovations that powered the 20th century. His next book, Stranger Than We Can Imagine: Making Sense of the Twentieth Century, provides an alternative perspective into recent history, by examining the radical artists, genius scientists and maverick pioneers who made it happen.


Shardcore (aka Eric Drass) is an artist and curator who works in a range of media, from painting to generative experiments that live on the net.

Exploring identity, consciousness, artificial intelligence and big data, his works are frequently reported and cited online by the likes of BoingBoing, b3ta, Imperica and Huffpost Tech.


Remember, 7.30pm, Friday 21st August, At-Bristol.  There may be drink and nibbles if you get there early enough…


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