Something make-y this way comes…!

The Bristol Mini Maker Faire is back with added bells, whistles, and of course LEDs!

For newbies, the event is a family-friendly showcase of all kinds of fun, inventive, playful and creative people, projects and things. It’s a celebration of the Maker Movement and everyone out there tinkering, taking things apart and putting them back together in a more interesting way.

Bristol Mini Maker Faire is a chance for people to be inspired, meet like-minded souls and for everyone to discuss and share what they’ve learned while beavering away in their bedrooms, sheds and workshops.

At-Bristol_Tinkering5_credit Joe Meredith

Since 2013 there have been two awesome Mini Maker Faire events with hundreds of curious and excited visitors. Here’s a quick glimpse of what happened last year –

Our call for makers has now closed, but if you have any queries or want to join in as a maker volunteer to help out in the event please contact:

This year we have even more creative people ready to show off their latest projects ranging from cyber cat flaps to giant eyeballs.

Some of the confirmed Makers at this year’s event include a chance to:

  • Peek inside programmable robot heads with OhBot
  • Get inventing with the Daft Ideas Machine
  • Make your own on-the-spot story with Improvised Comics
  • Meet local creative talent from illustrator Fiona Clabon to jewellery maker Liah Malik
  • Dance to not one but two manic music-making machines – including one that plays a different tune for every square foot on the planet!

Plus, you can have a go at all kinds of interactive activities and workshops from spoon carving and weaving to balloon car making and coding.

More details – including how to book your tickets – are coming soon…watch this space!

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