Makers FAQs

Wondering whether to respond to the OPEN CALL? Here are some FAQs to help you get yer form in!


Image credit: Joe Meredith

1. Am I a maker? The answer is probably YES!

If you tinker away on personal projects in your freetime or are lucky enough to make a living from things that didn’t exist before your brain and hands got involved then we’d love to hear from you! It’s really important to us to have a wide variety of projects on show – from soft fabrics and working with natural materials to breadboards and future teachnology.

2. My project probably won’t be finished in time, is that okay? YES!

We’d like to showcase the whole making process so prototypes or works in progress are absolutely part of that story. Even better if you can somehow demonstrate to attendees how your projects have progressed from your initial idea. We’d love you to talk to people about what you have planned as next steps. maybe they’ll have some ideas for you to?!

3. My projects doesn’t always work reliably, is that a problem? NO not really

As above – we’d like to inspire people with the whole making journey and as you folk will know it’s often the bugs, issues and teething problems that reveal how projects work and encourage you as makers to come up with innovative and creative solutions. As long as attendees are safe and you can spin a good yarn about the weird stuff that might happen as you show-off your project then you’re most welcome!

4. I’m not sure my project will survive the inquisitive audience of a Mini Maker Faire – should I stay at home? NO please don’t!

We understand that some people’s projects might be delicate and have limited opportunities for people to touch and get hands-on with. We can help you think about how you might provide opportunities to satisfy people’s curiosity and keep your project safe. Right now the main thing is to get your application in! Detail any questions/concerns you might have in the ‘hands-on’ section of the online form.

5. I don’t have a project to show – can I get involved? YES PLEASE!

We’ll shortly be recruiting volunteers from the Maker community to be part of this fabulous event as our Maker Faire Crew! If you’re passionate about making and like chatting to people then keep your eyes peeled here and on Twitter for more details soon.